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Being lucky to find a good substance . . .
Decksplan Zwischen den Fährschiffen Ingo's erster Kontakt
The GENERAL ARRANGEMENT of Frederic Shepherds remained after the restoration.
Beauty can be seen already on the sign board – The original plans of Shepherd are mostly still available and form the basic of the restoration.
It takes some imagination to see the "real beauty". A full restoration is essential. The good Quality of the original material used at building offer a good basis for the restoration.
The dimensions of the hull are impressive. Detailed investigation show:The Pitch-Pine planking is in very good condition.
or . . . a Restoration with the Orientation to get as near as possible to the Original
Teilekatalog Werftauftrag Proppen Rüsteisen
The valued original interior made from Honduras-Mahogony is being categorized and carefully removed to get to the hull structure.
A few meters of the heavy Oak double frames have to be replaced.
All connections of the hull are carefully checked and replaced where necessary ...
With the replacement of the chain plate the original strength is again achieved.
Aufgerüstet Originaldeck von 1935 Teakdeck neue Schanz
The new bulwark after the first painting.
The hull is newly caulked and made watertight. The underwater parts of the hull completely sanded and gets a new paint structure.
We stay today still on the Original deck from 1935 – newly screwed,tightened and sanded.
The gunwale made out of masive Teak has to be renewed to work on the connection between hull and deck.
Motorraum Ingo an der Welle Schraube locker
Craftsmen from the yards, Boatbuilders but also a lot of Friends, Acquaintances and Sponsors did support the efforts to get this project done.
Many thanks
– also at this place –
to them
Engine and engine room are being completely restored.
The shaft is party renewed in connection with the overhauling of the engine and gearbox.
The propeller was adjusted to the new power alignment.
an Deck Türchen Bullaugen
Doors and covers have been newly fastened.
All original fittings have been taken out, overhaukled and refitted into the old places.
The Skylights have been fitted with safetyglass and new bronze safety bars.
All Decksuperstructures are made of solid Teak and have all been sanded, newly glued and gaps closed.
Deckshaus in Arbeit neues Dach Brücke Glanzstück
An immense restoration effort for the stylemaking look of the deckhouse.
Newly build Teak deck on top of the deckhouse.
Preparation of the "wheelhouse" inside the deckhouse.
First gloss paint on precious Teak; a new "showpiece " on deck "Glanzstück an Deck.
GA GA Frank am Deck Original + Weiss
It seems to be easier to built a new deck than keeping an old one ...
Bulkheads and walls to remain as original structure of the vessel.
The Wallplates are being kept and where necessary recontructed in accordance with the originals.
... the result is impressive: Its the old and original material.
Kilometer Kabel Schalttafel Ãœberwachung Verdeckt
A few kilometer of cables are placed into the cable shafts.
According to extensive cableplans a complete new and upto date electronic and safety electronic is built.
Later a door can hide the modern technoligy – its working in the background.
The technology is being monitored from the deckhouse.
Rahmen und Füllungen zwingend Brett für Brett Rückkehr
Board by board the original mahogany constructions are being restored.
The old glue gets soft – large walltables have to be restored and newly glued.
Each board into its position. The bulward are covered with single walltables.
The Saloon gets back. The cupboard is replaced at the original site.
Waschtisch Spurensuche Unterflur Werkstatt-Chaos
The three bathrooms are fitted and sevred for warm and cold water and re-designed with precious materials.
In England brass tapware is build as per old plans.
On top of the water tanks with a total capacity of 2000 liter, the new floor is fitted.
Still the craftsmen with their tools, woods and other materials are the determinant factor on board.
Achterkabine Flure Oberlicht Griffig
Sterncabin,Captain's cabin, Owner's cabin, Crewcabin, Bathrooms, Saloon and Pantry – piece by piece they are restored.
Floors lead to the cabins;
the restored original doors are fitted again.
All rooms and cabins are fitted with skylights and bulleyes.
Old handles and carefully selected new fittings form a proper style picture.
Steuerrad Das Bild rundet sich
a classic Yacht
restored en detail remaining largely
das Original von 1935.
A truly rarity and anever ending assigbment,
to keep with beautyful ship !
Schrauben am Detail.
Jedes Teil ist ein kleines Kunstwerk: Das überarbeitete Steuerrad.
Das Bild rundet sich.
Nach fünfjähriger Restaurierungsphase und unendlichen Arbeitsstunden wird das Ergebnis greifbar.
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